The easiest way to launch the GUI is from Python or iPython:

>>> import mwarp1d
>>> mwarp1d.launch_gui()

launch_gui optionally accepts various input arguments as described here.

Alternatively you can launch the GUI using ./mwwarp1d/ui/ as follows:


Importing data

After launching mwarp1d, its main window will appear:


To import data, drag-and-drop a CSV file on the “Drop Data File Here” box.

The CSV file must be formatted as follows:

  • Only numbers (no column or row headers)

  • Rows = observations

  • Columns = domain nodes

Thus eight observations, each with 100 domain nodes, would require an (8 x 100) CSV file.

Specifying output directory

After dropping a CSV data file on the “Drop Data File Here” box, the output (Results) file will be automatically set to mwarp1d.npz, in the same directory as the CSV folder, like this:


To change the output directory and/or results file name, simply click on the label. A file dialog will appear.

Note that all warping results are automatically saved to the NPZ file.

This NPZ file can be used to restore previous sessions.