1. Contributing to software development: access this project’s GitHub repository and contribute as described in GitHub documentation.

  2. Reporting issues or problems with the software: Please use the Online forum (details below)

  3. Seeking support: Please use the Online forum (details below)


Email support is unavailable.

Emails requesting mwarp1d support will be redirected to this page.

Please choose either “Online forum” or “Consultancy” below.

Online forum

Free support is available at mwarp1d’s Issues forum on GitHub

To use the forum

  • Log in to GitHub (create a GitHub account if you don’t already have one)

  • Go to mwarp1d’s Issues forum

  • Press the “New issue” button

  • It may be useful to first search for related issues using the forum’s “Filters” search box

Forum Guidelines

  • Please do:

    • Report software bugs.

    • Explain your problem as clearly and specifically as possible.

    • Paste figures, screenshots, code snippets and error messages.

    • Separate your questions into as many sub-issues as possible, and post each as a separate issue.

  • Please do NOT:

    • Attach entire scripts. (We will only check and debug mwarp1d code.)

    • Attach data files. (We will neither check nor analyze datasets; we will instead help you debug your data issues.)

Useful links


If online forum support is unsuitable for your needs, please contact for a consultation quote.