conda install -c toddp mwarp1d

Link to mwarp1d in the Anaconda Cloud


These dependencies are included with the Anaconda distribution.

If, for some reason, you have removed these dependencies from Anaconda, installing mwarp1d using conda (see above) will automatically handle their installation.

Source code

Source code is available in this project’s GitHub repository

New to Python?

Refer to the instructions below and also the Installation and Launching screencasts.

The easiest way to use mwarp1d is to:

  1. Install Anaconda (detailed instructions here)

  2. Open the Anaconda Prompt (Windows) or a Terminal (Mac, Linux), then enter:

conda install -c toddp mwarp1d
  1. Run Python by entering python in the Anaconda Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Mac, Linux)

  2. Enter the commands below to launch mwarp1d

>>> import mwarp1d
>>> mwarp1d.launch_gui()

If the mwarp1d GUI launches without errors, proceed to the Example data screencast.