Documentation (Matlab)


Unbalanced two- and three-way repeated-measures ANOVA results have not been verified.

Example: more subjects in Group 1 than in Group 2.

Please interpret results for these designs with caution, and recognize that they might not be valid.

Installing for MATLAB

Link to Python documentation


There are a few key differences between the MATLAB and Python versions of spm1d. The main version of spm1d is the Python version, and the MATLAB version incorporates much but not all of the functionaly of the Python version. A key difference is that the MATLAB version of spm1d does not yet employ non-sphericity corrections, which are employed by default in the Python version. Practically these differences are likely to be small.


Inside the ./spm1d/examples folder you will find Matlab scripts which implement a variety of statistical tests.

These examples correspond to the Python scripts of the same name, which are described in: the main documentation.

Statistical theory underlying the examples is documented here: Theory


We do not provide detailed documentation for the MATLAB version of spm1d.

If you require support consider the following options:

  1. Running the example scripts in +spm1d/examples.

  2. Checking the Python documentation (the syntax is nearly identical).

  3. Submitting a support request to spm1d’s MATLAB github site.

  4. Contacting us to request an educational workshop.